VIP Training hub

The VIP Training hub offers state-of-the art systems and virtual reality software with high resolution TV displays of selected classic routes (e.g. Alpe d’Huez or Absa Cape Epic Stage 1), supplemented by individual tablet displays on each bike.

Core equipment is the new CycleOps Phantom 5 (previously IC420) and Phantom 3 (previously IC300) watt based indoor cycles. Our PowerTap technology is 3rd party verified for accuracy and the virtual reality training software is Android compatible. For self-coached cyclists or recreational users looking to achieve weight loss or general fitness goals, a range of workouts designed by leading sports scientists Science2Sport is available, together with automatic membership of the leading Training Peaks training management software.

Additional features in the CycleOps VIP Training Hub

  • Fully equipped bathrooms with shower and change room facilities
  • Spacious relaxation area equipped with some of the best cappuccino’s in town.
  • Ample safe covered parking bays
  • Discovery Vitality Kiosk and easy to use touch screen booking kiosk
  • Fully equipped showroom featuring products from PowerTap and CycleOps

VIP Group Training

A group environment for up to 20 riders, the VIP Training Hub provides high resolution TV screens with a dynamic view of the selected route for that session. Workouts have been carefully designed so that all riders experience the same ‘feel’ of the route, based on their individual capabilities. Whilst it might seem counter-intuitive that 20 different riders can all be doing the same route ‘together’, the secret is to forget about ‘speed’ and to rather think in terms of effort or energy, with all riders at the same level relative to their own potential. CycleOps Phantom 3 Indoor Cycle offers power-based Virtual Reality training with manual resistance adjustment and a good degree of rider control of effort. This differs from the ‘big-brother’ Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle used in the VVIP Training Space, which offers automatic resistance based on accurate measures of power required for a given combination of weight, speed, slope and wind and other resistance.

VVIP Personal Space

The VVIP Hub is a ‘personal training’ environment, which takes virtual reality training into a new dimension. The bike-of-choice is the CycleOps Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle with automatic resistance and each bike also has its own Android tablet video display, in addition to the studio TV, which can be tuned to a separate channel. VVIP members have the flexibility to ride individual workouts in their own time and in accordance with their own programmes, all day. The key differences between VVIP and VIP are in the flexibility in selection of workout type and place that VVIP gives you, together with fully automatic resistance adjustment to achieve the workout objectives. There is ‘no place to hide’ in the VVIP space, once you have selected your workout!

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